Starting Fresh

Welcome to my revised blog. I would say, this is a more mature audience-driven place just to read some shit. Yet, in all honesty, learn some stuff with me as I share my journey as a Fucktional Introvert. 

I decided to name my blog Fucktional Introvert because I am a Fucking Functional Introvert. The title speaks for it’self. I have social anxiety. I am the type of person who prefers to stay most of the time. If someone invited me somewhere and I say “Yes’ that’s because I am afraid to say no at times. However, my premature extrovert assumes it is an excellent idea before speaking to my true Introvert self. Now here comes the quick “think of an excuse.” I need to get out out of the event that I so happened to say yes to at the time. 

I have several options; either I make up a lie or ignore the person for hours and or days at a time. Sometimes I might block them on everything, and then once the day passes, I unblock them. That is why I don’t have friends., I have three best friends. My husband and two other amazing people who also do not care for people much. Actually! let me exclude my husband; he is a people person “that makes one of us.” The point is being a functional introvert; I had to learn to adapt my comfort zone to the way of life — this meaning my friends, family, marriage, work, and even myself. 

Being an Introvert is not all wine and fuzzy pants, although I wish. Being a functional introvert is literally “fake it till you make it….in society.” There are plenty of times where I avoid doing the things I love because I do not want to interact with people. Let me throw in a little disclaimer. “I do not hate people; I just have anxiety.” However, I wasn’t always an Introvert…please continue following me with my journey to know how things changed and what is to come in the future!

xoxo Tiayra, aka Fucktional Introvert