Where it all Began…

There was a point in my life where I was not as much of an Introvert. I used to hang out with friends; I would live my life to the fullest with no fears. However, during those times, I was also smoking and drinking a lot. Not to mention that I was dealing with anxiety and severe depression. When it came to mental illness, I never had the best coping skills. Instead of talking to someone, I would either isolate myself or party a lot. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but know my life has never been for the weak.
Let’s move forward to the end of the “lifestyle.” Once I met my now-husband, I calmed down all the partying. There were times where I went out but not as much and with entirely different people. I eventually began to slow down the smoking and drinking. At this point, since I was in a relationship, I started to lose “friends.” On the plus side, I gained my best friend who I met through my husband.
During those years, I started to realize that I can begin to live a normal, fun life without weed and alcohol. However, I still had to deal with anxiety and depression. It was the year 2016, where all hell broke loose. Although this may sound sad, please know that things do get better over time.

What I eventually began to realize is that things were going to crash and burn but may get better in time. I have no regrets, but I have learned a lot. It is not wrong to seek professional help, and it is never too late to do so. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on when I post again. Take care!

-Tiayra, aka Fucktinonal Introvert.