Goodbye 2019

I know it can be a bit cliche to say; however, 2019 is coming to an end. It is time to say goodbye.

This year was incredible, even through the ups and downs. Some of the best memories were becoming a mother and graduating with a Masters. Yet, let’s not forget the small moments that we sometimes take for granted. Each day, waking up to experiences, my daughter learns something new — the moments where I do feel good at times. As the year ends, reflect on the good times because they are uplifting and the bad times, because they were at one point, learned experiences.

What I want to leave in the past of 2019 is Fear. Fear is nothing but a push back from living your life. At least it is for me. 2020 is starting a new chapter for me. I am going to college (yes again, lol). My daughter turns one. For the year 2020, I am hoping for new positive experiences and continuing going to therapy. I would also like to possibly travel a bit more, pick up on some hobbies I used to do. It is so much I want to do; however, ultimately, I want to be the best person I can be. I want my daughter to know that she is always capable of doing whatever she puts her mind to. My daughter is my role model. She is the reason I wake up each day and never give up.

Although this post is quite short, I wanted to shine a light on the New Year we are looking forward to. I want the best for everyone, even the ones that are no longer in our lives. I want to put this into the universe that each day I will continue to try. I will try my best never to give up and never to stop. I love all the people in my life and the ones that support me. If you are reading this, You are essential, and you matter the most. You must remember your happiness before others. That is not selfishness, that is self-worth. I love you all, and I hope the New Year brings you all the positivity you wish for.

Happy New Year!

-Tiayra aka, Fucktional Introvert