Hard Goodbyes…

Here we go.
Times like this, we tend to forget that there are unfortunate outcomes. We may live in the moment and forget, or we are too high off of the blindside of love. Either way, sometimes, it comes unexpectedly.

If you listen to your gut, in the beginning, it tells you its all a bad idea. Therefore, you knew. You knew the whole time that it would be toxic. Yet, you were just so curious and went for that ride. Even if you knew it wouldn’t be for long.

As you went along, you kept that voice that warned you in the beginning, “Don’t do it.” You continue to go together, seeing and noticing all the red flags. You didn’t ignore them. You made a mental note of each of which, then led to the ending. In the midst of it all, it almost felt like you were losing yourself. As if your self-importance was no longer valid. You always question your self worth because you continue to look for validation. You know you do not believe in words but only actions.

Your mind runs constant. You are trying to figure out what to do and or how to end it. However, this whole time you always had one foot out of the door. So answer me this, how hard is it? Does it pain you to say goodbye?

It shouldn’t, you know, you never asked for a unicorn. You stood up for yourself and stood your ground. Just because of the lack of the will to compromise, you stay true to yourself and what you wanted. You should be proud of yourself. Never let someone dismiss you and your feelings. You are important. If they ask any more of you, they do not deserve it. Therefore, the relationship is no longer.

It will take a final straw to end it all. Regardless of how they feel, you are entitled to how you think and what you want. If you’re going to stop it, you have every right. Be mindful of your approach and release peace. No bad bridges, “I wish you the best of luck.” Will this be easy, no. Will it be worth it, eventually.

Remind yourself how important you are to you. There is no one more important than you. Love yourself and learn to own your self-worth. Never let someone use you or take advantage of you. Believe in actions, and everything else will fall into place.

Please take care of YOURSELF!

-Tiayra aka, Fucktional Introvert