Find Yourself

Hey you!

Look at you!

You look terrific and glowing from the happiness you are striving in. 

You look refreshed and full of brightness. What has changed? Was it the moment where you realized that you have all the power in the world to make a difference. I do not mean, make a difference in THE world but a difference in YOUR world—the world you have ultimate control over. You have the power and chose not to give it to the wrong people. I am so proud of you. It sometimes takes strong people to realize that they need to take control. 

You are an inspiration. Never forget that.

Some people look up to you, even if they do not tell you daily. Remember, you have done and will continue to do things that some people are afraid to do. That is what makes you strong, different, and phenomenal. Yes, there will be times where the brightness from within may not shine as bright, but remember, it is always there. Never give up and remember that to take each day at a time. Live in the now and what you could do NOW! 

Some things to remember to do:

-Take care of yourself (self-care)

-Have positive intentions and affirmations

-It’s okay to say no!

-Don’t forget to love yourself

-Maybe corny, but! Drink some damn WATER!

Remember that every one of you is valued and has a purpose. Continue to heal and strive to be the ultimate you! I love you all!

-Tiayra aka, Fucktional Introvert